Lead With Presence

“Embarking on any path of personal growth is a matter of choice. No one can be forced to develop his or her personal mastery.” – Peter M. Senge

• Are you struggling with recent feedback that suggests an ineffective leadership presence?

• Is leading with emotional intelligence your next developmental edge?

• Do you struggle with communicating in conflict, and unsure of how to repair or strengthen your relationships?

• Are you facing professional or personal challenges that could benefit from an in depth collaboration process?

• Are you working with a professional who can help you break down the barriers to your success?




Embark on a transformative journey of skillful development and personal mastery. Develop executive presence and lead with emotional intelligence. Learn more.


Cultivate your ability to communicate and relate more effectively in a team or group setting. Learn more.





Susan is like a personal trainer for the Soul.

Susan R. ( Manager, DC Nonprofit )

Susan helped me develop empathy. She coached me through multiple “truthful” (difficult) conversations with my colleagues, getting results that are beneficial for all parties.

Ben N ( IT Managing Director )

Susan is a compassionate and effective coach. I’ve worked with her for several years and the result of her coaching is transformative.

L. Stone ( Vice President, Finance )

On flights, we are instructed to first secure our oxygen masks before assisting others. Metaphorically, this holds true in life in general, and in business as well. Susan enabled me to expand in strength and wisdom to lead others efficiently and effectively.

G. Walsh ( Management Consultant )

Susan has the wisdom of old age. I’m now stronger than my inner critic, and have improved my relationship with my spouse and in-laws. And with my company going through a merger, I have more direction and confidence.

L. Komey ( Risk Management )


4 Steps To Building Trust

4 Steps To Building Trust

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3 Types of Trust We Practice In Relationship

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