Susan Otim-Neal is the Principal of Syncerity Speaks®.  She facilitates transformative learning experiences and powerful conversations, whether working with clients one-on-one to build their executive presence and leadership skills, or designing meaningful group interactions on issues related to interpersonal communication or cross-cultural differences.  A former financial analyst and consultant for international professional services firms, Susan brings more than a decade of business experience to her coaching practice where she is helping clients realize long-term, sustainable change and transformation in their way of being, learning, relating, and working.  Susan is a frequent speaker on topics related to inclusive leadership, communication, and women’s empowerment.  Along with her diploma in Broadcast Communications, Susan graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from George Mason University where she was also a captain of the Women’s Basketball team.  She is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Coach and holds certifications in Integral Coaching®, Emotional Intelligence, DISC®, and Participatory Process design.  Susan has been been a member of numerous professional associations and community organizations.


My Story

Born in Uganda and having grown up in three countries in communities of various backgrounds, I’ve always enjoyed exploring ways to help myself and others communicate and relate more effectively.  In 2004, having graduated with a finance degree while simultaneously playing basketball as a captain of George Mason University’s women’s basketball team, I embarked on a nearly decade long career in business, primarily consulting in finance related roles.  During those years, I felt the most fulfilled when elements of my work touched upon speaking, writing and facilitating others’ growth.  I completed numerous trainings and programs on personal and professional development, read and listened to countless numbers of books, and sought various opportunities to share value-adding resources.


By 2012, I was in the throes of a Quarter Life crisis.  A reflective practitioner spending time in prayer and meditation, I temporarily stepped back from the business world to re-evaluate my career path and to discover my Soul’s calling.  During my sabbatical, the idea of coaching as a calling emerged. Pushing the thought aside, I completed 600 hours of hands-on training in broadcast communications, obtained a broadcasting diploma and began consulting on communications related projects.  Those projects led to communication coaching opportunities.  Heeding the call, I enrolled in professional coach certification through a rigorous and highly respected, ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited training program.  As I progressed through my program, I began to reflect on past failures and successes on the basketball court, in my career, and with personal relationships.  I searched for common elements that either catapulted or undermined my results, and a common theme emerged.  All things being equal, my game, regardless of the arena I played in was influenced by how effective or ineffective my leadership presence was.  When my presence was authentic and effective, my relationships and outcomes were more successful. When my personal presence faltered, many times, so did my outcomes.


As I began working with leaders and groups, I discovered that having an ineffective personal presence is a common, dynamic, and often mysterious hindrance to our work and relationship success.  Consequently, when my clients express feeling “stuck” in their professional advancement or personal lives, I support them in cultivating leadership presence as part of a greater, in-depth collaborative process. Want to learn more?  I’d love to hear from you.  Contact me to discuss your aspirations and desired outcomes, and discover how we would work together.